So this September will be 3 years that I quit smoking. It was very hard but I did it and I’m proud of myself. Because I never finish something I start. I remember my father asking me about vaping and he said he would buy me one to help me quit smoking. I turned down the offer. I didn’t know anything about it. I thought it was something crazy.

But now it’s been almost 3 years and I’m so glad I quit smoking. Sometimes I have cravings but I fight them and do something to keep my mind off of it.

Please do not talk down to someone who is vaping. It helped save me from cancer and many of others. I hope to quit vaping one day but right now I guess I’m not ready. 🙂

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About this pup

So I am having problems training my pup. He is only 7 months and I have been trying to train him since late May when I got him. He has puppy pads but still ends up going everywhere else too. He has peed on things he shouldn’t have and I think once he done that I got really upset. I made my mind up to give him a new home. I did not know he wasn’t trained. The lady I bought him from didn’t tell me that he goes in your house and on things other than his puppy pads. I have taking him outside many of times and when we got back inside he went on the floor. I have a crate that I put him in when we go to bed. I don’t want him wandering around the house and peeing on everything and me not ever knowing where he goes.

Tomorrow a lady wants to get him from me. I am not sure I want to do it now. I just don’t know what to do any more. 🙁

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Our new pup

So I bought this puppy for a birthday gift to myself around the end of May. He turned 7 months today. So the lady I bought him from didn’t tell me he wasn’t potty trained. She told me he used puppy pads. He came with a small bag of food and a food/water bowl.

We named him pepper but I just call him puppy because he comes to that. I went out and bought him all this stuff. Bed, crate, 2 dog shampoo’s, shirt, leash, collar, brush, toy and puppy pads. So I put the pads down in my room because that’s where he was going to be most of the time.

So far he has yet to be potty trained. I have tried and tried. I am so done. He has drawn the line when he went and peed on my kids bed. I have taken him outside and stood there so he would have time to run around and use the bathroom. He then comes BACK inside and uses it wherever he feels like it. Hell no! I don’t think so.

So today I listed him for $100. Why? Because I paid $50 and all the things I’ve bought him. I can’t deal with a non trained dog.  I am going to find one and it’s going to be trained before I get it. I can’t deal with the shit and piss in the house. My mother’s dog has been potty trained for years. She’s 12 years old. She goes outside. So now I’ve noticed she is going inside. WHAT?

I believe that’s because of my dog. Because he marks his spot and she smells it. YES I CLEAN THE FLOOR AFTER HE MESSES. DUH! I AM NOT NASTY.

So much for a lap dog. He won’t get no more than his size. He’s about 4-8 pounds. Not sure which. I am on to the next dog!

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What’s it going to take?

What’s it going to take to get me to stick with blogging and to stick around? LOL!

I swear this is like the 100th blog I’ve owned. I am going to try to keep this one around for a while. I just something get a feeling and I end up deleting everything. I am praying for myself these days.

So here I am once again trying to find a way to voice my own options and screw what anyone else thinks. I just turned 39 this past May 27th. I hate the fact that I’m getting older. However, I’m getting wiser as time goes by. I’m not the best at spelling but I try to fix anything and everything I see wrong the best way I know how.

My kids are out of school for the summer and start back up in August. One kid only has 2 more years old school before she’s finished. The next has 4 more years to go.. The others have many to go.

The 16 yr old is trying to get a job. I say good luck to that. I hope and pray she gets one and keeps it and don’t end up like me in the job area. It’s hard for me to keep one due to my anxiety. I try my best but I always end up quitting. I plan on trying when they start school back.

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