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I went to eat lunch at Subway to and as I was sitting there I noticed on my phone that it wanted me to add a picture and a review of the Subway I was at. I did and I looked at the reviews and I as shocked. 2.2 rating score. I have always liked… Read More Subway


The struggle

I’ve been looking for a simple WordPress theme for a few hours trying to get it the way I want and look. The struggle is real! I can not for the life of me find one that I really like. I haven’t messed with CSS or WordPress in so long, I think I forgot how.… Read More The struggle

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I started to really get into gaming in 2015. My ex boyfriend was a big gamer and he got me into it. I use to game when I was little but not as much as today. I bought my own ps4 in 2016. I was renting one from a local renting place but I couldn’t… Read More Gaming


Working on my site

Please excuse the mess here at my site. I am working on it and trying to make it look better. When I first started this blog I rushed to get it ready and didn’t take the time to do anything.  


Happy August

I have been meaning to come post but my life has been busy and me full of anxiety that I forget that I even have a blog. So here I am trying to update it. School starts this week and I’m excited. I’m not sure if they are lol. I also start school on the… Read More Happy August


School starts soon

So my kids start school soon. I’m excited and well because I get the day to myself to do school or work. They start at a later date this year than they have been since we’ve been in KY. July 4th is just around the corner. What do you have planned? They have a Thunderfest… Read More School starts soon