Long time..

I feel so bad. I keep forgetting I even have a blog. I always do that and I’m sorry. I don’t get on the computer like I use to and my daughter always has my computer. I need to put a sticky up somewhere around my house to remind me that I have a blog and I need to post in it.

Not a lot has been going on. My kids have been in school and I am either cleaning or doing whatever. I should be in school myself but I had to cancel my appt that I had because I had to meet with someone about my children.  I did not give up on that just yet. I still can go test. I will not give up!

They are opening a store down the road from my house and I want to apply for a job there. I’m not sure when it opens but I think I heard November 2017. We will see. I am excited they are building that space for a new store. I live far from any store like Wal-mart or Target.

My oldest turned 22 this past month. I am sad that she’s getting older and so am I. I don’ want to get older and I don’t want to die. Death scares the hell outta me. 🙁 I always think about what my kids will be doing and how their kids will be doing. I want to mean something to them. I hope my kids teach them about me and it goes on forever and they never forget me. I don’t have any grand kids right now and I feel as I am too young to be a grandma lol.

Anywho.. Have a great Labor day!

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