Growing up I went to church whenever my parents did or with family. Mainly my parents would go only on Holidays. I also went when they had VBS. That was always fun. Through the years I’ve went and want to go back. I was going and I was going to be a member of a local church but that’s when I met my ex boyfriend I quit going. 🙁

So now I want to start going and get saved. I also want my kids to get saved as well. But I want them to want it. I’m not going to make them do it until they are ready.

I found a church that is a new smaller one that they built right down the road from my house. The main church is across town and I feel as though I’d never go. So this one is apart of the same church and they built it for people who live in this area. Thank goodness for that.

So tomorrow we start going and also on Wed. I can’t wait!

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