Feeling left out

So while I was at church yesterday and after we had service, I felt left out. Why? Because we had to wait for our food to get there and so we all stood around and chatted. Well not everyone. I was left out. Two of my children come with me and the other two stay home. Because I’m not going to make them come with me. They are at that age where I want them to WANT to come. Anyhow, so I was standing there with my kids and everyone else was chatting along and what not. At first they spoke to me and then as the time pasted I just stood there with my two kids. Not one person came to have a convo with me. NOT ONE! So I felt left out. I thought about it all day and it made me feel down.

These are grown folks. Why do they still treat you this way? Are they judging me? Is it because my children are darker then everyone else? Also most of the women there were with men and kids. There aren’t a lot that come to this church either.

I just feel that they didn’t make me feel welcomed this time. Last time I was fine.

As we had dinner, two girls and their men sat at the table I was at. They only spoke to me because I spoke to them. What is it going to take for people to talk to me and have a great convo? I will never understand this. And it’s crazy to think I would really care because I’m there for God, not them but it sure would be nice to feel welcomed and meet new people. 🙁

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