I have been searching for a job online off and on and I finally got around to applying for two down the road from me that are right beside each other.

I took the kids to school that morning because  my new cell phone didn’t go off as I set it to for 6 am. I always turn my ringer off about 7 pm each night. It’s just a habit I  have now. I forgot to check to see if my ringer was on and bam, I forgot to check and we woke up late. The two younger ones caught the bus in time and I just had to take the other two.

Anyhow, I applied for those two jobs. I got a call from one the same day. I was excited but not the job I really wanted. But it was ok. It’s a job and it’s down the road from my home. I really needed it bad and that’s all that matters. I need a way to support my kids and self in case something happens to my parents. You never know these days. I’m getting older and so are my children.

Before my parents and I moved into a house together I had my own apt. I was doing good. I was there for over a year. Then things happened and my mother wanted to get a house together and whatnot. But I’m saving to get back on my own again.  And as I said before, you never know what may happen. So it’s time for me to move on and start living.

I just pray my anxiety don’t show up and I can live life. Lately I’ve hardly had any. Just small anxiety problems not major.

I start in a week or so. I’m waiting on my background check and I have to do a drug test which will come back clean since I don’t do drugs. I’m excited to see what the future holds. 🙂

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