My job is going well

So far my new job is going well and I am enjoying it. My feet? Not so much! Mostly my heels hurt me still but I’m pushing myself through it.

I had a appt to see about my heels but I couldn’t make myself go. I always feel some kind of way and blow it off. I really shouldn’t have and went. Anxiety does that to me though.

I’m going to try my best to get seen. I can’t keep letting it slide. It will get worse and worse. I was just thinking it’s because I gained my weight back that I lost. But I’m really not sure.

I’ve been dealing with a hard headed teenager lately and it’s also stressing me out. Just when everything is going good in life someone always finds a way to mess it up. I hate being a single parent. It’s so much harder than people think.

I bet no one could or would live in my shoes with my four kids here. A lot of people tell me they don’t see how I do it. And a lot of times I don’t see how I do either. But they say God never gives you anything you can’t handle so I’m guessing he knew I could handle my kids.

But no one really knows or understands what I go through. Some will say suck it up, you had them. Yes, I did. And that’s ok to think that. But it’s mentally and physically a challenge here at my house. I won’t sit here and explain it all either.

But I will say that the ones that are home still have mental illness and it can be very difficult at times. Other times it’s smooth, we have fun and go places. For the most part I’m fine but there are days where I could pull my hair out or pack up and leave and never look back.

Somehow I manage to get past it all and live life. One day it will be so different for me. Having less kids at home and feeling bored and lonely. Someone once told me not to rush to get them out. I’m not. I just wish things were different here. That’s all

That’s why I never judge people. Because you have no idea what they are going through. You have no idea how they might be feeling at the moment.

I remember Jordan screaming in the store many of times when he was younger and people would look. I didn’t care because they don’t know what’s going on. They had NO idea!

So just always remember never to judge anyone. No one is perfect.

Goodnight 😘

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