Antibiotics don’t like me

I’ve been sick lately and ain’t tried my best to not to go to the doctor and let it just run its course but it got worse and I ended up going to the clinic.

I didn’t have a fever or anything. Just my head and nose were killing me. It then went to my chest and my back started hurting. Sigh.

I’m on my 3rd antibiotic. The first two I had bad side effects. This one I’m on now is ok for me and I k ew it was. I called and let the PA know and that ZPac was one that I knew I could take with no side effects.

I’m very serious when I say I can not handle these drugs. Lol I have no idea why my body is like this. But it’s strange and it’s also another reason why I have a hard time taking any drugs other than Tylenol.

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