Happy Spring

I know I’m a little late but Happy Spring to you all. Whoever reads my blog anymore? Lol

Anyways, Not a lot has been going on here. I finally went and seen a doctor about my anxiety and it took awhile but I got meds. I haven’t taken it yet. I wanted to take the doctor up on his offer and see a therapist first to see if it helps me. I just started seeing one a few weeks ago so far so good. She’s been telling me some stuff I already know in how to manage my anxiety. I haven’t had any major anxiety lately just mild here and there.

The last time this happened, I had a major panic attack that lasted for hours. I pray that it won’t happen like that again. I just need to keep my life stress free and positive vibes only.

I cut two girls out of my life recently that I have known for years. One being that best friend who I had a double wedding with back in 1999. But life goes on. It was time to part ways. She’s into church a lot and I’m not. She always made up lies to why she hadn’t called me and I finally realized that maybe she just didn’t care enough to call me anymore. I blocked them as much as I could. Not sure if she’s tried to call me because my iPhone don’t tell me. The other one was her sister who I didn’t talk to much and get I was not really her friend.

It’s a big step letting these girls go but it was time. God has bigger plans for me.

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    1. No. I haven’t tried it. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and will talk to him about it all. I’ve been seeing a therapist before I try meds.

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